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Four Trends in Luxury Homes That Make Life More Enjoyable


Usually, luxury homes have revolutionized the real estate sector by giving homes to the rich an entirely new touch. Not only do these homes have a fantastic look from all angles; both inside and outside but also offer convenient features to the residents. These features are meant to make life more enjoyable to the homeowner. Below are four popular features of luxury homes:


Built-in Storagejmkb3e5d52t6y72

This convenient feature is being found in nearly every room of the house. Libraries and offices feature custom-designed storage for not only books, but to display awards, trophies, or prized travel mementos. Children’s playrooms may have an entire wall filled with different-sized compartments built to accommodate all sizes of toys. Mudrooms have seating and lockers for sporting goods, rain gear, and gadgets that every on-the-go family needs.

Personalized Touches

Builders are working closely with their clients to put customized finishes on luxury homes so that the space feels personalized to their tastes. Many of these add-ons exist outside the main house, and they work with contractors to complete the project on the same timeline as the main house build. Backyard entertaining spaces feature fireplaces, full outdoor kitchens, projection screens for movie nights, and other attractions perfect for hosting guests or keeping the family entertained. Another hot trend for car enthusiasts is a car lift in the third or fourth garage.

Exercise Space

Exercise space varies greatly from house to house. Yoga enthusiasts can request a customized room with rice paper paneling, natural light, and a raised yoga platform, where as more traditional gym goers will likely want free weights, stationary machines, and other standard gym equipment.

Families can stay achnv23wedr52t5edt62y72tive in the home with the inclusion of a racquetball room, half-basketball court, or indoor/outdoor pool. Homeowners are customizing pools to feel more like a resort and less like the typical backyard. New features include cozy grottos, fun-shaped slides, in-pool seating, and waterfalls. Post-activity relaxation spaces are also on the rise, with in-home steam rooms being a popular choice.


Technology is being incorporated into luxury homes in new ways. Homeowners can opt to have control of lighting, heating and cooling; all their home electronics; and security systems. In-house control stations give homeowners absolute control, and portable controls–like apps on smart phones–enable users to control systems on the go. Builders connect their clients with electronics specialists who can sync all of the homeowner’s systems to give them simplified access to every speaker, inside and out, and every electronic, from the master bedroom’s sound system to the media room’s projection set-up.